Blogging on a Budget: (Regretfully) Giving into the Digital Takeover

There is nothing nothing nothing NOTHING in this world that beats buying physical books. The smell, the uncracked spine, and my personal favorite, watching your bookshelf fill up. (Because bookshelf porn is TRULY a thing.) But more recently, I’ve found myself buying less and less physical books, and more and more digital ones.

I have one of the earliest models of the Kindle; upgrading was never something I considered, because early on all it did was collect dust. The satisfaction of getting a new read at the click of a button was far less euphoric than going to the book store and getting my hands on it. Needless to say, this past year or so, much to my deep seated moral resistance, I’ve become increasingly dependent on my Kindle for nearly every book I read. It’s just so easy. I can figuratively go to the book store without ever leaving my bed or even putting on pants. I can carry my entire bookshelf with me–although it’s obviously less NSFW. The most important aspect to me, though, is how significantly cheaper Kindle books are from physical books. This makes sense of course, seeing as the reduction in the publishing process length is significant–printers and distributees are cut out entirely. As a BCK (Broke College Kid, cause ya know) I can’t justify paying twice as much to read something just to feel the pages in my hands, or metaphorically get off on how sexy my bookshelf looks.

Seeing as I’m so intrigued by the publishing process, and it is my intended future career path, I want to know: is the ease and price worth it? Do you purchase more digital or physical books? The deterioration of the spirit of literature aside (because in my heart I know ebooks are the bane of traditional lit’s existence), you can’t deny the perks. It’s simply where we place our care that will will determine the future.

7 thoughts on “Blogging on a Budget: (Regretfully) Giving into the Digital Takeover

  1. Mine are mostly digital 🙁. I love having the books, and seeing them comforting me from the shelf… But real life is this, I have a kid and husband that fall asleep at 8pm. I read until about 1am, in my bed, because I get freaked out by the noises the house makes when I’m alone. My phone is easier because I can read in the dark. A book light you say? Well try having a kid that is above 6 months and below 25years=constant book light death


  2. Oh I know the feeling. That’s how I am right now about all of the books that just came out! I hardly have enough money for what I NEED. I can’t really indulge on books that often anymore (plus since I’m a grown woman I feel bad asking my mom). So when I see a $1.99 on a book I’ve been meaning to buy, I can’t help it. However, even if I buy the ebooks, I might end up buying the hardcovers if I really like it.

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  4. Basically, I’m a library fiend. I use our library’s reserve/interlibrary loan system and can get almost any book that I want. I stop by every Friday to pick up my reserves and drop off what I’ve already read. Super cheap and super easy, with minimal time involved. If I read a book that I love – I put it on my wishlist, and, when I have money to blow on a book or two, I pick a couple from that list and buy them. I love having hard copies of books I really love. If it’s a book I’m going to read multiple times, I want that physical copy. It becomes imbued with all the good times I’ve had reading it. 😀 Point is, by using the library a lot (I can also borrow a LOT of digital books for the Kindle that way if I want to as well), I save a lot of money, plus I’m more willing to try a book that I’m not positive that I’m going to like, because I don’t have to spend any money to read it. In the end – more money to spend on loading my already over-filled bookshelves. 😀

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  5. I think my physical versus electronic buying ratio is about 50/50. I love to shop in second-hand bookshops, where prices are relatively low, but almost all of the newer releases I buy for my Kindle simply because of the price. However, if I truly madly deeply love a book, I will want also a physical copy of it so that I can see it, feel it and also push it to other people.


  6. Its kind of a toss up. I tend to buy physical books if I already own the rest of the series in physical copy or if I know its going to be a favorite. E-books are definitely cheaper and easier to carry around though!

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  7. If I love it enough to read it more then two or three times I tend to buy the physical copy. But most of my books are digital because of special sales/events plus all my ARCs are digital and I love using my Kindle Fire. I’m no longer a broke college kid (more like broke young adult) but it beats buying 20$ books at the bookstore when I can get them for 5$ online.

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